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Our online store is designed to make purchasing the products you need a pleasure and our product offering is tailored to those who want to make quick online purchases from the convenience of their garden, home, office, field or field office. 

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Reasons to buy online?

1. Order at your convenience from your home, farm or garden.
2. Manageable product pack sizes of up to 10L or 10kg.
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4. Products shipped countrywide in 3 - 5 working days once payment received.
5. Earn rewards for referrals and for purchases through our loyalty programme 'Agri-bucks'. 


Get your soils and seeds performing.

Inoculants are beneficial bacteria and fungi (soil microbes) that can be added to the soil to improve growing conditions. Microbes perform a wide range of functions including the degradation of organic matter, mobilization and fixation of nutrients and production of bioactive compounds, protection from pathogens and improvement of soil structure, aeration and water holding capacity.



We offer a carefully selected range of organic and enriched organic fertilizers to suit the nutrient requirements of each and every plant. Our range of fertilizers are designed to feed and nourish both the plant and beneficial soil microbes (bacteria and fungi) and help deliver performance and increase nutrient density from Farm to Fork.

Delivering performance and nutrient density.