Optimizing small-scale chilli production in Limpopo

We always enjoy following up with our customers to find out what results have been achieved with our products. Recently (August 2020) we spoke to one of our customers, Strike, who produces Okra and Chillies in Limpopo. He purchased some GROBEST organic fertiliser (fish hydrosylate) and has been applying the product every 14 days for the past few months.

After several applications, he noted that GROBEST has improved the performance of his Chilli crop in the following ways:

  • He has observed increased bee activity;

  • Flower bloom has increased and there has been a reduction in flower drop; and

  • Strike estimates that his yields have increased by an estimated 20% since using GROBEST.

Furthermore, Strike has noted that the plant has improved in colour (more green) and overall quality of the Chillies produced has improved.

What is GROBEST? GROBEST is designed as a total replacement, one-step organic fertiliser containing a balanced supply of the major nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium - all readily plant available to feed through BOTH the foliage and roots.

The use of fish as fertilisers dates back to at least the era of the Pyramids in Egypt where farmers and homesteaders utilised the carcass and liquids from fish harvested from the Nile to provide important fertility to their crops. More recently North American Indians in the 16th century were observed placing whole fish into the soil beneath crops of corn and squash. Early agriculturists understood the importance of keeping their crops fertile for rapid healthy growth. They learned that all types of fish provided excellent results when used as fertilisers for their crops.

Further to this, fish fertilisers have been found to:

  • Be excellent sources of nutrition for soils and plants as fish contain the full spectrum of nutrients found in the planets waters. Plants tend to grow vigorously when regularly fertilised with fish fertilisers;

  • Contain significant quantities of protein Nitrogen (an important source of balanced Nitrogen) as well as a healthy balance of all 18 nutrients known to be significant for crop growth. All of these mineral nutrients are in protein chelated forms which are usable by the crops and additionally are resistant to loss from leaching; and

  • Contain more than 60 other trace minerals which have positive effects on soil biology and crop health. Fish based proteins and other nutrients are rapidly assimilated by crops when applied via the foliage or through irrigation.

Well done on your excellent results achieved so far Strike! Keep up the good work! We'll keep following up to watch you go from strength to strength.

You can find out more about GROBEST

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