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Vuna Agri is an agricultural supply company based in Hillcrest, KZN. Our mission is to help growers and farmers across South Africa create healthy, resilient and sustainable agro-ecosystems for their plants and animals to thrive in.

Our trading name and brand 'Vuna Agri' is derived from 'Vuna Agri-Shop', a brand created and registered as Vuna Agri-Shop (Pty) Ltd by Justin du Toit, a KwaZulu-Natal based Agricultural Economist. Justin created Vuna Agri-Shop to promote biological products and methods of production for sale to mainly small-scale farmers through a dedicated online store platform. His inspiration to do this came from his time as consultant and his observation that many farmers are under-served across agricultural value chains - from input supply to market access.

As 'Vuna Agri-Shop' grew since starting in early 2019, it quickly became evident that what we do is more than hosting an online store for farmers. We advise on production and business aspects of farming, innovate new methods of growing with our customers and are always putting their needs first. We walk a longer road with customers than simply selling them products.

Vuna Agri is, therefore, the next step towards a brand identity and promise that fully encompasses the value we offer.

Our current product range consists of:

  • Inoculants and soil conditioners to boost soil and plant health;

  • Non-GMO crop seed (high performing maize and dry beans);

  • Plant nutrients that optimize yields;

  • Biostimulants that improve yields, address deficiencies and improve tolerance to stress;

  • Plant protection products to protect plants and crops from pests and disease; and

  • Livestock supplements including seaweed based mineral blocks and gut probiotics.

We are constantly looking for new ways to build value through our products and services to our customers. Take some time to read through our blog and check out our products and services by following the links below.



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